Orochi sciLeash Safety Guidelines

In order to avoid any potentially serious injury to the user and/or dog(s), it is important that the user understands and always uses the following points:

  1. When the Orochi sciLeash is in use, always keep the front wheels pointed toward the direction the dog is heading. If the dog runs, this ensures that the wheelchair pulls in its direction instead of tipping over sideways. 
  2. When at a stop or standstill, never lock and position the wheelchair perpendicular ( T ) to the dog. Doing this may result in the wheelchair tipping over sideways when the dog runs. 
  3. When navigating through environments with rough terrain, obstacles, curbs, etc., always be observant of the dog(s) location and of leash line. For example, if a dog runs in circles around the wheelchair, and the line gets bound, the user needs to stop and manually unwind the line in order for it to be retracted before continuing. 
  4. With the Orochi sciLeash, there will be occurrences where the dogs circle each other and entwine the two lines. This slows and inhibits the lines from being retracted back in properly. When this happens, the user needs to stop and rotate the leash adapter in the opposite direction that the lines are in. When the lines are freed, both units will retract as usual and the user can continue.  
  5. Prior to every use of the Orochi sciLeash, it should be inspected for signs of loose hardware, damage and wear. The priority points of inspection are: 
  • Emergency Quick Release Bolt & Pin
  • The Adjustable C-Clamp
  • Adjustable Mounting Bracket
  • Anchor Hook 
  • Leash line(s)

If signs of loose hardware or damage are present, please do not use the Orochi sciLeash until these problems are addressed and solved. 

Orochi sciLeash Quality & Performance Testing

During our performance testing, we used different dog breeds weighing anywhere from 15 pounds to 75 pounds each. The sciLeash is able to handle a combined total weight of 150lbs without any issues. However for safety reasons, we recommend that the sciLeash be used with up to two dogs that weigh a maximum of 50 pounds each (100lbs total). Various factors and scenarios to keep in mind when using the sciLeash include: 

  • Individuals levels of strength
  • Dexterity in the hands and arms
  • Dog’s obedience level (trained service dog vs newly adopted)
  • The environment & terrain the sciLeash will be used on (concrete, grass, dirt, etc.)  



Although the Orochi sciLeash has been tested for its durability and has the capability of handling dogs weighing over 150 pounds, it is the responsibility of the owner to acknowledge his/her own physical limits as well as their dog(s), and to use in proper conditions. Before using the Orochi sciLeash, it is important to know the strength of the dog(s) and level of obedience for their safety and the owner’s. If a user is unsure of their limitations and wants to avoid any potential injury, have an able-bodied person capable of handling the dog(s) accompany them when using the Orochi sciLeash.

Orochi is not responsible or liable for any injury a user may obtain during the course of using our products. We have designed our products to the best of our abilities to make safety our highest priority. Please use our products with your best judgment and consider the variables we have mentioned.