The Creator

sciLeash was founded in 2011 by its owner & creator Brian Nguyen. After a motorcycle accident in 2008, Brian completed his rehabilitation at Craig Hospital in Denver Colorado. Returning to school the following year, he graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology. Taking some time off and spending more time with his dogs, he began working on the first prototypes. Since them, Brian has prototyped and tested a number of designs made from different materials and components, and tested on a range of manual wheelchair variations.

In November of 2013, the Orochi sciLeash was brought to the San Jose for its first public debut at the Abilities Expo, the largest gathering centered around the disability. From individuals to corporate professionals, all gather to display the latest innovations and products for the disability community. We received an amazing reception from all who attended the expo an visited our booth. It was here that we got the most feedback, and where we realized there was truly a demand for what we had to offer. We used what we learned with the feedback at the expo, and incorporated that into the latest prototypes.  

What We Offer

Orochi creates products designed to offer wheelchair users the freedom and ability to take part in outdoor activities without the constant worry of control and safety. With the Orochi sciLeash, both hands are free to explore different terrains with your dogs. For photographers, the Orochi MobileMount allows cameras and electronic devices to easily capture memorable photos and videos instantly.

The Future

Walking our dogs and photography is only the beginning. Orochi is highly adaptable and versatile, so with the future in mind, ideas to expand the Orochi product line are being developed and prototyped. Future products will make the activities we all love outdoors easier and more enjoyable.